Nonprofit Chamber of Palm Beach County


Who Should Join?

Join Us

If you are the CEO/Executive Director of a Health & Human Services nonprofit serving Palm Beach County  we hope you will join us. The Chamber offers you an outstanding opportunity to get to know others in this important sector of our economy.

What Are The Benefits?

  • You will be amazed at what you don’t know about your fellow nonprofits
  • You’ll find many with whom you can swap and share resources and referrals
  • You’ll gain knowledge and information about how to resolve common issues, how to give your successes and issues affecting all a common, louder voice
  • You’ll have input on what needs to be brought before the membership in the way of advocacy, training, special events
  • You’ll have access to data and information that may streamline your grant and fund-raising efforts
  • You’ll gain a unified voice in advocating for the populations you serve
  • You’ll have access to an annual conference bringing in top speakers on topics affecting the nonprofit sector