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State of Nonprofit Employment

How are nonprofits doing with employment? What are the toughest jobs to fill? This info-graphic gives us a good look at the national level. Click here to view.[...]

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Legal In’s and Out’s of Social Entrepreneurship

  Did you know that the search engine Firefox is a nonprofit? Did you know that its logo does not include a fox, but a red panda that is also known as a firefox? Why do the Girl Scouts only[...]

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Dan Palotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong.

DAN PALLOTTA IS COMING TO SOUTH FLORIDA  It’s time to change the way we think about changing the world.  Nonprofit innovation and creativity is often hamstrung by unrealistic fixations on overhead and operational costs. Dan Pallotta speaks thoughtfully and forcefully[...]

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Nonprofits: Storytelling Is Your Most Powerful Tool

Every nonprofit has a myriad of stories to tell. All it takes is a video camera and a willing speaker. You can’t afford not to. Click here for a brief video that tells you what you need to convey.[...]

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What Should You Post On Social Media?

Business2Community shares 10 ways to take your social media posts from forgettable to share-worthy. Click here for details.[...]

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