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9th Annual Legislative Advocacy Workshop

Advocate for Your Clients – Ensure Our Legislators Know What YOU Need!
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Nonprofits are a major segment of the economy – the third largest employer in the United States. We bring $40 billion into our respective states. And, yet, for many years, we had no real impact on the legislative process. The Legislative Advocacy Initiative here in Palm Beach County is changing that – it gives YOU a louder voice in advocating for your organization and for your clients and legislators are listening.

The Legislative Advocacy Initiative offer all nonprofit health and human services organizations and stakeholders the opportunity to be part of the legislative process. For the ninth year, YOU are invited to be part of the Legislative Advocacy Initiative in which you submit state legislative priorities you see as essential for your client population, attend a workshop to help select the top two priorities in your area of service, and then attend a Legislative Summit where our legislative delegation hears your top two priorities and receives a Green Book of all selected priorities to take with them for the next legislative session.

Completion of the questionnaire is a critical first step to ensuring that the Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation and its colleagues in both Chambers of the Florida Legislature understand the many challenges facing health and human services providers in Palm Beach County and the residents they serve. Through this process, we have been moving the needle steadily in some crucial areas of concern and the momentum continues to build as we continue this important process.

Legislators take the Green Book that is created with the results of the priority-setting workshop to Tallahassee with them and refer to it often. So, it is crucial that we receive the widest possible input from all of you in setting the priorities.

We thank Allegany Franciscan Ministries for its support of the Legislative Advocacy Initiative.


Sergio Palacio, President, Nonprofit Chamber of Palm Beach County

Linda De Piano, Ph. D., Chairwoman, Human Services Coalition of Palm Beach County


Fill out the questionnaire as completely as you can. Attend the Legislative Priorities Workshop on Friday, September 21, 2018 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. at the United Methodist Church, 900 Brandywine Road, West Palm Beach, 33409. You may register for the workshop below. Cost is $15 which includes breakfast.

REMEMBER: You must be at the workshop for your issue to be considered.

Please email completed Legislative Priorities Form to



Legislative Advocacy Workshop

Friday, September 21, 2018
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
United Methodist Church
900 Brandywine Road
West Palm Beach, 33409 
Cost: $15 per person, including breakfast

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